Organic Ginger Shots

Fruity and spicy freshness in glass bottles

Our frank. Ginger Shots are little ginger-based miracle weapons for your daily immune routine. Whether pure as a shot or diluted in one of our juices, water or tea. Choose your desired level of spiciness from 3 different flavours. Of course, all frank. Shots are vegan, nutrient-rich and certified organic. Thanks to our nutritionally developed recipe, you benefit optimally from the high-quality ingredients. Enjoy regional fruit & vegetables and high-quality spices - no preservatives or additives!

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Natural ginger shots - just the way you like them!

  • Fresh and natural ingredients from controlled organic cultivation
  • Environmentally friendly glass packaging
  • Varying ginger content depending on the variety for different levels of spiciness
  • Innovative fruit combinations
  • Unique recipes with superfood ingredients such as guarana, mate, ashwagandha and lavender
  • Unrivalled flavour

Our organic ginger shots set new standards in terms of taste and function. We remain true to our philosophy: they only contain what you really need.

The best kind of ginger shots.

Our ginger shots can enrich your everyday life in a variety of ways, whether as an energy boost right after getting up in the morning, as a little saviour during an afternoon slump or as a healthy alternative to a sweet dessert. And best of all, our shots are also ideal for travelling, as you can simply pack them in your bag and enjoy them on the go.

You can either drink the ginger shots on their own or dilute them with cold or hot water for a cool refreshment or as a warming tea.

You can find our shots individually in boxes of 7, in the shot cleanse, in the 5:2 programme or in your individually selected box.

Häufige Fragen zu den Bio-Ingwershots von frank.

For our frank. Ingwershots, we only use organic ingredients in our unique recipes, which combine different ginger contents and degrees of spiciness and also contain functional additives. We use environmentally friendly glass bottles to reduce our ecological footprint.

So that you can protect the environment as much as possible, we also offer our bright and spicy Wake Up Call in a 500 ml storage bottle (made of glass, of course). This means you can enjoy up to 20 organic ginger shots in just one bottle and help us to save packaging material.

Our frank. Shots can be kept unrefrigerated for at least 3 months - so you don't have to consume them in a very short time and they don't take up any space in your fridge.

Unlike our juices, the frank. Ginger Shots do not necessarily need to be chilled. You can easily store them at room temperature. For an extra freshness boost, we recommend putting the shots in the fridge shortly before consumption.

Quite simply: there is no difference. Both bottles, whether 60ml or 500ml, contain the same thing. Only the size is different, so you can choose the bottle that suits you best. For the ultimate dose of ginger, we also offer the shot with the highest ginger content, our Wake Up Call, in a 500 ml storage bottle. This guarantees you a sufficient supply of our natural, radiant yellow freshness kick.

Our shots are pure natural products!
They get their intense colours and aromas from the field-fresh fruit and vegetable varieties. We do not add any flavourings or colourings to the bottle. This is why the colours and flavours may vary slightly from shot to shot.

The juices and ginger shots from frank. are clear and contain no fruit or vegetable pieces or peel residue. This is because the solid plant components are separated from the liquid ones and the concentrated form of nutrients ends up in the bottle as juice. Smoothies are "smooth" because other parts of the plant are also processed, such as the peel. Although smoothies have a higher fibre content, this is not the purpose of fasting cleanses, which are intended to relieve your digestive tract! In addition, smoothies often contain added sugar, colourings and preservatives - and we certainly don't put those in the bottle.

Are frank. ginger shots vegan? yes, of course - from the cold-pressed frank. juices to the nutrient-rich ginger shots, all varieties are naturally vegan. We only use selected fruit and vegetables! You can find the exact composition of each product in the nutritional information for the respective juice or shot.

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