Organic Tea

Dive into the variety of the world of organic tea and enjoy the best of nature in every cup! Choose the right tea for you from four perfectly balanced tea varieties - whether green tea, herbal tea or an Aryuvedic blend. Enjoy relaxing moments with our Feel Good Tea, find peace and quiet with our Calm Down Tea recharge your batteries with our Re-Charge Tea or regain a good gut feeling with our Happy Stomach Tea. Our high-quality frank. Organic Tea is the ideal companion to our juices or organic soups.

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Our finest organic teas

Our organic herbal teas are grown with love, care and in accordance with the highest organic standards. This means that our teas are naturally free from pesticides. In addition, the exquisite selection of ingredients is key to the unique flavour, be it the invigorating note of ginger, the fresh lemon or the calming chamomile that turn our organic teas into true taste sensations.

Unlike most tea suppliers, we deliberately avoid packaging our teas in individual tea bags. This means you can immediately recognise the natural smell and rough cut of our special ingredients and the high quality of our organic teas. You can also adjust the amount of tea to the size of your cup or pot and create your own personalised organic tea experience.

Loose tea is easy to prepare

With our frank. teas from organic cultivation, preparing an enjoyable tea is child's play. Simply pour the desired amount of your favourite tea from the frank. range into a (tea) filter and leave to infuse in hot water for approx. 7-10 minutes. Depending on how intense you want the taste of your organic tea to be, from slightly sweet to slightly bitter, around 12-17g of our coarse tea blend is enough for 1 litre of hot water. In no time at all, you can give your body a warming break in your cup - the tea is perfect for cosy winter days.

Do you still have some tea left in the pot that has cooled down? Our organic teas are also ideal as a healthier version of classic iced tea. You can add a few ice cubes and a splash of lemon juice to our cold organic tea and you have a fruity freshness kick enhanced with herbs. For an even sweeter iced tea flavour, you can also stir some agave syrup into the organic tea, for example.

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Our frank. Organic tea consists of selected ingredients with a coarse cut, which results in a particularly intense flavour of the brewed tea. In addition, we have carefully chosen to customise the herbs, spices and fruits contained in the tea to offer you perfectly balanced varieties from organic cultivation. Every frank. tea is therefore certified organic, vegan and is packaged in our workshop for the disabled.

Our frank. Tea has a shelf life of at least 1 month, so there's no rush to use up your organic tea. Thanks to our airtight resealable packaging, you can also preserve the valuable flavour of your herbal blend for this period and enjoy a warming cup of tea at any time.

You receive our tea in a cardboard bag with a zip seal, which preserves the flavours and keeps it fresh. Always keep the organic tea sealed in a cool, dry place so the aroma of your frank. tea remains fresh for as long as possible.

Conventional teas are packaged in small tea bags. This gives you no indication of the quality of the tea. The coarser the cut, the higher the quality of the tea. With every frank. Tea variety, you can immediately recognise that it is a particularly high-quality tea. Every frank. Tea blend is a perfect interplay of classic tea herbs, such as camomile, fennel or ginger, and special components, such as hops, olive or blackberry leaves from organic cultivation. As a quality feature of our tea varieties, you will find the DE Öko number on every pack.

Naturally - every one of our teas is vegan. So you can add our organic tea to your shopping basket without hesitation or enjoy it as part of your next cleanse after just a short delivery time.

We have not only perfectly coordinated the flavours of the individual tea varieties in our shop, but also their functionality. While the "Re-Charge" tea variety is based on a green tea that has been refined with white tea and is therefore perfect for the morning, we prefer to drink the "Calm Down" herbal tea made from valerian, fennel and lavender tea in the evening. The "Feel Good" tea is the perfect aromatic herbal tea for during the day. We drink the "Happy Stomach" tea when we want to do something particularly good for our digestion.

Our organic teas are all available in a coarse cut of particularly high organic quality. This means you can immediately recognise the high quality of your herbal tea blend at first glance. We have deliberately dispensed with individual packaging in many small tea bags and have opted for a more sustainable paper bag for our tea. This allows you to select and enjoy the right amount of organic quality herbs to suit your taste.

When you buy a frank. Fasting Cleanse of 5 days or more in our online shop, you will automatically receive our excellent frank. Feel Good organic tea free of charge. It doesn't matter whether you opt for a juice, soup or food cleanse! You can always enjoy our finest tea with it.

Our 5:2 intermittent fasting programme also includes at least one organic Feel Good herbal tea, which will keep you pleasantly warm during your fasting days. Not only can you enjoy a selection of our juices, organic soups and dried meals after a short delivery time, but you will also receive an organic herbal tea full of flavour.