Sample Sets

Maximum variety with the best flavour

Would you like to try our entire range or are you interested in a specific product category? Then choose your tasting set here and enjoy numerous varieties of delicious, nutritious and fresh fruit and vegetable juices, spicy organic ginger shots and warming organic soups!

Of course, all tasting sets are in frank. Quality: regional and fresh fruit and vegetables, the finest spices and nutrient-preserving processing methods without additives or preservatives.

Sample sets with juices, shots & soups for your everyday life

Our vegan tasting sets contain fruit and vegetables in the most delicious forms! Find your new favourites and make your everyday life fresh, nutritious and healthy.

The Juices sample set contains all 12 of our cold-pressed juices made from fruit, vegetables, spices and nuts.

The Soup sample set contains our 6 different organic soups in a jar - perfect for a light, warming meal of fresh vegetables with creamy coconut milk or oat cream and perfect seasoning.

The Shot sample set contains our three different organic ginger shots! With different levels of spiciness, flavours ranging from fruity to sour and superfoods such as guarana, ashwagandha and curry leaf extract, you're sure to find your new favourite in your morning routine.

Juice Sample Set vs. Juice Bundles

Do you love green juices as a practical alternative to salad? Then our Green Juice Bundle is perfect for you!

Have you decided to integrate more vegetables into your life, but also like fruit? Then the Roots & Fruits Juice Bundle is for you. Here you'll find juices with delicious fruit and vegetable blends.

There's nothing better for you than a refreshing lemonade and you'd like a natural version without refined sugar or artificial flavourings? You're guaranteed to find your new favourite refreshment in the Lemonades Bundle.

If you would like to try something new, we recommend our Juices tasting set! Here you get all 12 varieties of the finest cold-pressed frank. juices.

Frequently asked questions about frank. sample sets

Classic juices are pasteurised for a longer shelf life. This means that they are briefly heated to temperatures of around 60 to 90°C to kill microorganisms and thus preserve them.

The heat causes the plant-based ingredients to oxidise and heat-sensitive nutrients and vitamins are also destroyed. The flavour can also suffer!

In contrast, frank. juices are preserved in Germany using a high-pressure processing method.

This means that the juices are subjected to high pressure instead of heat, i.e. cold-pressed. This also kills microorganisms, while at the same time maximising the concentration of heat-sensitive nutrients and vitamins. This advantage means that frank. juices have raw food quality!

frank. Shots in our sample set can be kept unrefrigerated for at least 3 months - so you don't have to use them up in a hurry and they don't take up any space in your fridge.

Our cold-pressed and never heated juices in the sample set and in the three bundles are more sensitive compared to pasteurised juices from the supermarket and therefore also have a limited shelf life: we guarantee a minimum shelf life of approx. 14 days after delivery. To ensure that you experience all the benefits of cold pressing for your body, store frank. Juices in the refrigerator at temperatures between 2°C and a maximum of 8°C. To ensure that shipping does not interrupt the cold chain, we send your parcel with the juices including reusable cool packs and straw insulation material.

All our organic soups can be kept unopened for up to 15 months. frank. Soup in a jar should be stored in a dark place and protected from heat.

Nothing is easier than this: unscrew the lid from the jar and heat your frank. Soup for 1 to 2 minutes in the microwave. Alternatively, you can heat it up in a pan on the hob. Stir and savour! Bon appétit!

Tip: Need to chew a little more? No problem, refine your frank. Lieblingssuppe with glass noodles, tofu cut into strips, some bean sprouts and a dash of oil, for example. You can also add noodles to any of our frank. Soups to go, add noodles as a garnish and you have a balanced, nutritious and innovative noodle soup. This means you get a quick, nutritious dish made from just a few high-quality ingredients without any time-consuming preparation.

All our products in the tasting sets and bundles are produced in Germany and therefore meet the strict quality standards of the German Foodstuffs Ordinance.

This allows us to minimise transport routes and ensure fresh, flawless and perfectly tasting products.

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