Cold-pressed juice with benefits

Cold-pressed juice with extra vitamins, minerals and plant extracts - wide selection at frank.

Choose from our cold-pressed juices in a variety of flavours with nutrients from field-fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as spices and herbs. Each variety also contains specially selected vitamins, minerals or plant extracts for your well-being.

Discover our innovative juices without plant fibres for a clear consistency with a fresh taste. So delicious that you'll look forward to them every day.

We rely on cold pressing and gentle high pressure to preserve heat-sensitive nutrients, the naturally aromatic taste and bright colour with an extended shelf life. We do not use refined sugar, flavourings or colourings.

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Functional micronutrients in cold-pressed juice for your body's well-being

There are numerous factors that can increase your need for micronutrients. Mental or physical stress in the form of exercise and an unbalanced diet are among the most common aspects.

Our juices are much more than cold-pressed and never heated: to make an even more targeted contribution to your body's nutrient supply, you will now find additional selected vitamins, minerals and plant extracts in our cold-pressed juice in smart doses.

Our cold-pressed juices contain vitamin D3 and K2, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B12 and other vitamins. They also contain minerals such as zinc and magnesium, which contribute to the recommended daily nutrient intake. You can also find plant extracts such as wheatgrass, nettle and moringa.

The benefits of frank. cold-pressed juice for your daily life

All frank. juices are ideal for everyday consumption of raw fruit and vegetables - cold-pressed, never heated and easy and convenient to use without chopping!

Although frank. Juices were originally designed for a juice cleanse, they are also ideal for your nutrient-rich snack or as a supplement to a meal, for example on the breakfast table.

Cold-pressed and alcohol-free is our motto: you can enjoy our juice The Good Life as a fine alcohol-free cocktail or savour The Ocean as bright, homemade water ice in summer. Our Lemonades are perfect as a sports drink.

You can also try out all of our varied and delicious flavours with the frank. Juice Advantage Set and treat your body to a little flavourful break in between.

Frequently asked questions about frank. cold-pressed juices

Classic juices are pasteurised for a longer shelf life. This means that they are briefly heated to temperatures of around 60 to 90°C to kill microorganisms and thus preserve them.

The heat causes the plant-based ingredients to oxidise and heat-sensitive nutrients are also destroyed. The flavour can also suffer!

In contrast, frank. juices are preserved in Germany using a high-pressure processing method. This means that the juices are subjected to high pressure instead of heat, i.e. cold-pressed. This also kills microorganisms, while at the same time maximising the concentration of heat-sensitive nutrients. This advantage means that frank. juices have raw food quality!

We completely dispense with the quality-reducing process of pasteurisation and the use of preservatives.

For this reason, our cold-pressed juices are more sensitive compared to pasteurised juices from the supermarket and therefore also have a limited shelf life: we guarantee a minimum shelf life of approx. 14 days after delivery. To ensure that you experience all the benefits of cold pressing for your body, store frank. Juices in the refrigerator at temperatures between 2°C and a maximum of 8°C.

To ensure that shipping does not interrupt the cold chain, we send your parcel with the juices including reusable cool packs and cardboard insulation.

Due to the cold pressing process, our juices are subject to mandatory refrigeration. To optimise the nutrient content and maintain freshness for as long as possible, we recommend storing at temperatures of 2°C to a maximum of 8°C for approx. 14 days after delivery in as dark an environment as possible - ideally in the fridge.

To protect your juices from heat, your juice parcel will be sent to you by refrigerated dispatch. We include water-based cool packs and cardboard insulation material. You can reuse both for greater sustainability. Don't always have a fridge with you in your everyday life? If possible, transport your cold-pressed juices in a cool bag to preserve the quality of the juices perfectly.

Our frank. juices are clear and contain no fruit or vegetable pieces or peel residue. The juicer separates the solid from the liquid plant components and only the concentrated form of nutrients ends up as juice in the frank. bottle. bottle as juice.

A smoothie, on the other hand, is ‘creamy’ because other plant parts of the raw materials are also processed. Although the proportion of fibre is much higher in a smoothie, this is not the purpose of consuming it as part of a juice cleanse, which is intended to relieve your digestive tract and body!

In addition, smoothies often contain sugar, colourings, preservatives or enzymes as ingredients alongside fruit and vegetables - which is certainly not what ends up in our juices.

Apart from our The Glow, all our juices are vegan. The Glow contains high-quality collagen of animal origin. We also use selected fruit and vegetables, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts! The exact composition of each individual juice can be found in the nutritional information for each juice.

Our juices are pure natural products! They get their intense colours and perfectly balanced flavours from the field-fresh raw materials from lots of fruit and vegetables.

We do not add flavourings, colourings, preservatives or enzymes to our cold-pressed juices. This is why the colours and flavours of our juices may vary slightly. This is particularly dependent on the seasonality of the fruit and vegetables in question.

Phew, we can't make up our minds!
You'll find everything your heart desires in our colourful selection.

Fancy a classic, light juice? Then our Indian Sundaze is just the thing for you. Enjoy sweet agave with a spicy kick of turmeric and cayenne, perfectly rounded off with a squeeze of lemon.

Or are you looking for a juice that is completely fruit-free? Then why not try our pure vegetable juice The Purist and discover how many nutrients a green frank. Juice can contain.

Juices that are preserved by pasteurisation are exposed to high temperatures and therefore heat in order to kill germs and microorganisms.

However, this process also destroys heat-sensitive vitamins that would originally be present in the ingredients used, so if you incorporate such pasteurised juices into your diet, you miss out on these important nutrients, for example.

The heat used also causes the ingredients in the juicer to oxidise, which affects the flavour of the juices, which taste less fresh than cold-pressed juices and not as fresh as they would straight from the juicer.

Ingredients for frank. juices are never exposed to heat thanks to our innovative cold pressing process and are therefore completely raw!

The concentration of nutrients in the fruit and vegetables is optimally retained and potentially harmful germs are killed off at the same time. This gives frank. juices their superfood raw food quality!

Tip: Cold-pressed juices can be a light and tasty aid, especially when you are on the path to an alkaline diet. Why not try our Garden Brew - our refreshing herbal juice made from a perfect blend of green tea, revitalising quince and aromatic garden herbs: parsley, lemon balm and dandelion - packed with nutrients.

To begin with, our ingredients pass through the juicer in the traditional way, separating solid from liquid components such as vitamins and nutrients.

As soon as the juice is ready and filled into the frank. bottles and these are sealed airtight, a special high-pressure chamber is used. In this chamber, the now almost-ready juices are exposed to up to 6,000 bar for several minutes and are now preserved and ready for sale.

Due to this process, juices that are preserved under pressure can only be sold in plastic bottles. Glass bottles would not withstand the conditions and would break.

The high pressure kills potentially harmful germs, while the concentration of the otherwise heat-sensitive nutrients remains as high as possible.

The flavour also remains fresh and delicious thanks to the preserved nutrients. The juices from frank. Raw food quality, without any preservatives or pasteurisation!

Cold-pressed juices alone or as part of the frank.
Juice cleanse are not suitable for weight loss! However, they do support a healthy lifestyle as they contain nutrients from fruit and vegetables.

frank. Juices give you a delicious break from your daily routine, and you can also use our juice cleanse to reset your diet. Take your next frank. Food, soup or juice cleanse as an opportunity to incorporate more nutrients into your diet and live more consciously with fun and enjoyment.

A cleanse offers you the benefits of freeing yourself from unhealthy routines and focussing on your own well-being.

We are here to help you with advice and support. With your cleanse order, you will automatically receive a matching guide that answers the most important questions and explains the most important tips and tricks for a successful cleanse.

If you have any further questions about our shots, our cold pressing or the nutrients, minerals and vitamins in our cure, please do not hesitate to contact our nutritionist Liliane.