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Soup in a jar - simply unbeatable on the go!

Your organic frank. Soup is a balanced lunch in a jar, without compromising on taste and nutritional values. Don't have much time to try out complicated recipes during your working week? Then try our delicious, nutritious soup to go! Our incredibly creamy and varied recipes with short ingredient lists make frank. Soups taste like home-cooked. Enjoy nutritionally balanced ingredients, gentle production and easy preparation, all in one jar!

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Soup in a jar - brilliantly simple

Open the jar, remove the lid and heat in a pot or microwave for a few minutes. Balanced nutritional values and unmatched delicious taste have never been so easy to integrate into your daily routine!

Organic soups from frank. combine the best of quick to go products for your stressful everyday life and nutritious, home-cooked meals. So you can enjoy your hot lunch with lots of vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes or sweet potatoes without any effort. Thanks toits balanced ingredients, our soup in a jar will fill you up very well and you won't need to have a snack in between.

With frank. Soups we deliberately avoid using environmentally harmful plastic (PP). You can also reuse our recyclable jars for your own soup creations.

Delicious flavours of soup to go

From classic tomato soup to exotic lentil soup refined with a sweet apricot flavour and tangy broccoli soup, you are sure to find the organic soup to suit your taste. Using the flavour profiles, you can easily find your favourite soup among the different varieties.

We only use certified organic fruit and vegetables from fresh production and, where possible, regional cultivation in Germany. This makes our soups vegan and suitable for clean eating.

Want to try them out? Then customise your own personalised soup mix with our mix box and enjoy your highlights by the spoonful.

Frequently asked questions about frank. organic soups in a jar

Delicious, balanced and versatile: these are our frank. Organic soups to go!

Not only do they taste really good, they are constantly subjected to nutritional tests and therefore have particularly well-balanced ingredients. They are all purely plant-based, certified organic and contain no artificial flavourings or other unnecessary ingredients.

Whether for your lunch break in the office or as a warm meal during your frank. Fasting cleanse - our soup in a jar always works! For our soups, we deliberately avoid using environmentally harmful plastic and polypropylene (PP), which is why our products are packaged in environmentally friendly glass and wrapped with a paper label. You can also reuse our recyclable jars for your own soup creations and your next lunch to go.

jar and heat your frank. soup for 1 to 2 minutes in the microwave. Alternatively, you can heat it up in a pan on the hob. Stir and savour! Enjoy your meal!

Tip: Need to chew a little more to chew on? No problem, refine your favourite frank. soup with glass noodles, tofu cut into strips, some bean sprouts and a dash of oil, for example.

You can also add noodles to any of our frank. Soups to go, add noodles as a garnish and you have a balanced, nutritious and innovative noodle soup.

This means you get a quick, nutritious dish made from just a few high-quality ingredients without any time-consuming preparation.

All our organic soups can be kept unopened for up to 15 months... unless you've already spooned them up before that! You can find the best-before date on the lid of the soup jar.

For optimum flavour and to preserve the nutrients, store your frank. soup in a jar in a dark place, protected from heat. However, it is not necessary to store it in the fridge.

Our soups do not need to be chilled! So you can store your favourite soup in the pantry at home. Our frank. Soup is particularly suitable for lunch breaks in the office and can be stored on the desk shelf to save space. You can find the best-before date on the lid of the soup jar.

Of course - all of our soups at frank. are vegan. We only use selected fruit and vegetables for our broths and soups!

You can find the exact content of each individual soup variant in the nutritional information on the website or on the label of the respective jar.

Do you have any further questions about one of our products, whether our cures, soups or our broth? Please contact our customer service by email:

Just like our juices, teas and protein powder, our soups are produced in Germany and therefore meet the strict quality standards of the German Food Regulation.

We only use ingredients for our soups to go that come from organically controlled cultivation so we can offer you the highest quality product possible.

Our takeaway soups are purely natural products!

They get their intense colours and flavours from the field-fresh fruit and vegetables. We do not add any flavourings or colourings to our soups. It is therefore possible that the colours and flavours may vary slightly.

It is also normal for some components of the soup to settle to the bottom. Stir your soup vigorously at least once and nothing stands in the way of your enjoyment.

Each individual variety not only tastes really good, but also consists of cleverly composed ingredients. Each soup in a jar is the perfect size for a balanced, natural meal and also complies with the principles of clean eating. Whether during one of our fasting cleanse programmes or as a stand-alone dish in a fast-paced working day.

You can also use our soups in a jar as the basis for a more elaborate recipe or add whatever your heart desires to the soup, such as noodles, broccoli or tofu.

And if you've had enough of vegetable broth during one of our cleanses, our organic soup is the ideal vegetable broth substitute.