Food Cleanses

Smart fasting thought differently. An innovative alternative to the juice cleanse! You can now achieve the same fasting principle with the same effects using a different method. For all those who prefer solid and warm meals.

5:2 Intermittent Fasting Programmes

Balanced Weight Management: Reduce body weight easily and maintain your desired weight sustainably thanks to regular fasting. Enjoy tasty, dried meals for fasting 2 days a week.

Shot Cleanses

Are you ready for the cold season? Every day we provide you with three scientifically developed and smart ginger shots for morning, noon and evening.


Made from field-fresh & where possible, regional fruit & vegetables, up to 1.5 kg per bottle. Cold-pressed & never heated: Preserved under high pressure. Flavour & nutrients, just like freshly pressed.


Creamy soups like home-made: varied, finely seasoned recipes, free from colourings, flavourings and preservatives, certified organic and naturally vegan.


Exquisite herbs, spices and fruit for revitalising and relaxing moments. Loose tea with a special coarse cut, naturally certified organic.


Sustainable weight loss based on your unique DNA. Let us analyse your genes, get to know your metabolism and achieve your desired weight with individual adjustments.


Your frank. accessories for everyday life that make you look good and do good: all profits will be donated to Tafel München e.V.


Informative, exciting and entertaining: the perfect read about frank products, healthy everyday routines and delicious recipes for cosy afternoons on the sofa or on the train. Always with you on your mobile phone thanks to its digital format.