The Glow box of 8

The Glow box of 8
Darstellung des Saft The Glow mit Ananas, Karotte und Orange von frank.
The Glow box of 8
Darstellung des Saft The Glow mit Ananas, Karotte und Orange in einem Glas von frank
Darstellung des Saft The Glow mit Ananas, Karotte und Orange von frank
The Glow box of 8
Darstellung des hervorragenden Feedbacks mit 4,9 von 5 Sternen zu den Produkten von frank.
Darstellung der verschiedenen Saft Sorten von frank. inklusive den versprochenen Werte der Juices

The Glow box of 8

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Make your daily routine delicious, nutritious and refreshing.
Varied, balanced juices for a colourful and nutritious daily routine
8 bottles of 330 ml each
Pineapple, carrot, ginger
Glow thanks to collagen, vitamin C and vitamin A*
Cold-pressed and never heated, gently preserved by HPP
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vegan & made in Germany
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The Glow box of 8

A frank. juice box contains 8 bottles of 330 ml.

Our version of ACE juice: cold-pressed juice with fresh, crunchy carrots, golden pineapple and a hint of ginger.

Experience in a frank. juice bottle of The Glow:
- up to 1.5 kg of nutrient-rich fruit & vegetables
- perfect blend of refreshing pineapple and sweet-tart carrots
- extra collagen, vitamin C and vitamin A for your glow*
- cold-pressed, never heated juice in an innovative variety
- perfect as a nutrient-rich refreshment on the go or a delicious break from daily routine
- Not vegan due to the addition of collagen

*Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation and skin function. Vitamin C contributes to the maintenance of normal skin.

**According to the "Directive of the Council of the European Communities on nutritional labeling of foodstuffs"

Ingredients & nutritional information
The Glow


Ingredients: Pineapple Juice 36,8%, Carrot Juice 30,8%, Orange Juice 27,8%, Water, Lemon Juice, Collagen 0,61%, Vitamin C 0,2%, Vitamin A 0,025%.


187 kJ / 45 Kcal

617 kJ / 149 Kcal


0,1 g

0,3 g

0,0 g

0,0 g

9,2 g
30,4 g
9,0 g
29,7 g
0,6 g
2 g
0,03 g
0,1 g
Vitamin C 

16 mg (22% NRV***)

52,8 mg (66% NRV***)

Vitamin A 

72,7 µg (9% NRV***)

240 µg (30% NRV***) 

0,6 g

2 g 

*** Percentage of the reference intake of the daily amount according to the European Union (NRV).

May contain traces of gluten, celery, and products thereof.

Cold pressed juice for your reset

In addition to the nutrients from fruit and vegetables, our juices also contain selected micronutrients for your well-being.

One bottle of The Glow contains 66% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin C and 30% of vitamin A*.

The skin's main structural protein is collagen! Together with vitamin C and A, it plays an important role in maintaining skin quality, which declines with age. The three nutrients can work synergistically to improve the appearance of the skin.

The highest quality juice on the market.

Our cold-pressed, never heated juice contains field-fresh and, wherever possible, regional ingredients. We do not use refined sugar, flavorings or colorings, so you can enjoy a juice without plant fibers for a clear consistency with a fresh taste. So delicious that you'll look forward to it every day.

One bottle contains the convenient amount of 330 ml - ideal as an extra portion of fruit and vegetables for every day.

We use cold pressing and gentle high pressure to preserve heat-sensitive nutrients, the fresh taste and bright color with an extended shelf life!

The most delicious selection of fresh juices.

Whether juice blends made from fruit and vegetables, pure fruit or vegetable juices and naturally refreshing lemonades - we have over 10 different, carefully developed varieties waiting for you. Put together your Mix Box with different varieties here!

Cold-pressed juice for your reset

Would you like to enjoy the cold-pressed juice The Glow as part of your next frank. cleanse? No matter if frank. juice cleanse or soup cleanse, you are sure to enjoy our juice The Glow! Choose between the Starter, Medium and Pro intensities and look forward to enjoying your cold-pressed juices.

Alternatively you can put together your own individual cleanse with our Mix & Match function and look forward to your cold-pressed juices!

Stay on the fresh side of life.

Select and enjoy

Stay on the fresh side of life.

Select and enjoy

Choose your personalised product

Colourful, nutritious and full of flavour: this is how we enrich your daily routine! You can choose our juices, soups and shots in practical boxes. To be on the safe side, check the ingredients list for intolerances or allergies! Our fresh food cannot be returned and we don't want to waste anything.

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Thanks to our HPP process, your juices are guaranteed to stay fresh! You will also receive the dispatch confirmation by e-mail. Make sure that you can accept your parcel within the delivery period!

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6 questions for frank. juices

Classic juices are pasteurized to preserve them. This means that they are briefly heated to approx. 60 to 90°C to kill microorganisms and thus extend their shelf life. However, heat-sensitive nutrients are also destroyed in the process. The taste can also suffer! The juices from frank. are preserved using the HPP process. This means that the juices are exposed to high pressure instead of heat. This also kills microorganisms, but retains the concentration of nutrients as much as possible. What's more, frank. juices are of raw food quality! In addition to the nutrients from fruit and vegetables, you will find selected micronutrients for your well-being in the juices. In The Glow, for example, we have integrated vitamin C, collagen and vitamin A for your glow*.
Our juices from frank. are clear and contain no fruit or vegetable pieces or peel residue. This is because the solid plant components are separated from the liquid ones and the concentrated form of nutrients ends up in the bottle as juice. Smoothies are "creamy" because other parts of the plant are also processed. Although the proportion of fibre is higher in smoothies, this is not the purpose of fasting cleanses that aim to relieve your digestive tract! What's more, smoothies often contain added sugar, colourings and preservatives - which we certainly don't put in the bottle.
We completely dispense with the quality-reducing process of pasteurisation and the use of preservatives. For this reason, our juices are sensitive and have a limited shelf life: we guarantee a minimum shelf life of approx. 14 days after delivery.
No - The Glow is our exception! Here we have integrated collagen, which is of animal origin. The exact composition of the individual juices can be found in the nutritional information.
We recommend storing at 2°C to a maximum of 8°C for approx. 14 days after delivery in as dark an environment as possible for optimum nutritional value and freshness - ideally in the fridge. Don't always have your fridge with you? If possible, transport your juices in a cool bag to preserve the quality of the juices.
Our juices are pure natural products! They get their intense colours and flavours from the field-fresh fruit and vegetable varieties. We do not add any flavourings or colourings to our bottles. This is why the colours and flavours may vary slightly.