The Essential - Premium Vegan Protein

The Essential - Premium Vegan Protein
Ein Mann macht sich einen Protein Shake mit dem frank. The Essentials im frank. Shaker.
The Essential - Premium Vegan Protein
The Essential - Premium Vegan Protein
The Essential - Premium Vegan Protein
The Essential - Premium Vegan Protein

The Essential - Premium Vegan Protein

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Eat more protein in a simple way, stay fuller for longer and feel more energised!
Flavour-neutral protein powder in premium quality for versatile use in the kitchen
1 bag of 500 g
Pea, rice, sunflower, pumpkin seed & hemp
Certified organic, vegan & naturally additive-free

frank. Shaker

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Enjoy cool, creamy shakes whenever and wherever you want.

The frank. Shaker made of stainless steel is particularly robust and durable, guaranteed leak-proof and odour-resistant. Capacity: 750ml

The frank. Shaker made of stainless steel is particularly robust and durable, guaranteed leak-proof and odour-resistant. Capacity: 750ml

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Developed with nutritionists
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The Essential - Premium Vegan Protein
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What makes our protein so special?

The Essential
- is 100 % certified organic
- is purely plant-based
- consists of 5 different protein sources
- does not contain any additives
- has a very high protein content: 22 g protein per 30 g powder
- has a high biological value thanks to its complete amino acid profile
- is neutral in flavour
- can be used in a variety of ways (in savoury and sweet meals)

Ingredients & Nutritional Information
The Essential Premium Vegan Protein


Ingredients: Buckwheat flakes* 51,8%, Coconut Milk Powder*, Pumpkin Seeds*, Date* 7,5% (Rice flour*), Carrot* (5 %), Almond, Chia Seeds* (4 %), Linseed fibres*, Sunflower Oil*, Cinnamon* 1,5%, Salt, Nutmeg*, Ginger*, Carnation*.

*from certified organic cultivation (DE-ÖKO-006)

NUTRITIONAL VALUES PER 100g Per Portion (30g Pulver)
1694 kJ / 403 kcal
508 kJ / 121 kcal
8,3 g
2,5 g
2,0 g
0,6 g
5,7 g
1,7 g
1,7 g
0,5 g
Dietary Fibre 5,7 g 1,7 g
72 g
22 g
0,29 g
0,09 g
Amino Acid Profile

Amino Acid Profile


PRO 100g Pulver pro Tagesdosis (30 g Pulver)
Isoleucin (BCAA) 3192 mg 958 mg
Leucin (BCAA) 5979 mg 1794 mg
Valin (BCAA) 3974 mg 1192 mg
4606 mg 1382 mg
Methionin 1274 mg 382 mg
Histidin 1821 mg 546 mg
Phenylalanin 4078 mg 1223 mg
Threonin 2495 mg 749 mg
Tryptophan 768 mg 230 mg
Alanin 3412 mg 1024 mg
Arginin 6476 mg 1943 mg
Asparaginsäure 7731 mg 2319 mg
Cystein 1348 mg 405 mg
Glutaminsäure 13289 mg 3987 mg
Glycin 3156 mg 947 mg
Prolin 3249 mg 975 mg
3548 mg 1064 mg
Tyrosin 2593 mg 778 mg
More Information

Only gym bros need protein? No way!

Everyone benefits from a sufficient supply of protein, especially in a calorie deficit during fasting or if you want to reduce fat mass.

Protein performs a variety of vital tasks in your body:

- Building the structural proteins collagen, elastin and keratin for your hair, nails and skin
- Building hormones and enzymes for your metabolism
- Main source of energy for your antibodies for immune defence
- Building up the red blood pigment haemoglobin for oxygen transport

nutritious & active every day.

Whether in a sweet protein shake or a hearty, warm soup: thanks to its neutral flavour, our The Essential is versatile and can be used as the mood takes you.

Need some recipe inspiration? We got you!

With your order, you will automatically receive our digital protein shake guide, which provides you with 20 delicious and protein-rich recipes.

Stay on the fresh side of life.

Select and enjoy

Stay on the fresh side of life.

Select and enjoy

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Versatile, nutritionally well thought-out and naturally vegan: this is how we enrich your everyday life! In combination with the shaker, you can also simply take your shakes with you chilled. How about a few juices on top?

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8 questions for The Essential

To ensure that your body can optimally utilise the proteins it contains, we recommend that you always combine several plant-based protein sources. For this reason, frank. protein powder contains a combination of peas, rice, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, making it more easily digestible than animal protein powder. In addition, The Essential scores with a complete amino acid profile for a high biological value. Biological value is the measure of how well dietary protein can be converted into the body's own protein.
During your multi-day fasting cleanse, as part of our 5:2 programme or generally in an energy deficit (if you want to reduce your fat mass), we particularly recommend adding additional protein to your diet. In combination with regular exercise to work your muscles, you can prevent the loss of muscle mass when your energy intake is reduced. Compared to carbohydrates and fat, protein also increases your satiety and causes your insulin levels to rise only slowly: this means you feel fuller for longer after a protein-rich meal and can effectively prevent cravings and afternoon lows. As you can see, supplementing with additional protein can be extremely useful, regardless of your goals. Especially if you eat a purely vegan or vegetarian diet: It makes your everyday life so much easier!
No! In the manufacture of all our products, including our protein, we concentrate on the most important, sensible and natural ingredients and do not use flavourings, sweeteners or preservatives of any kind.
In the initial fasting phase, your body converts protein into energy before the fat deposits are emptied. This is why additional doses of protein powder can prevent the loss of muscle mass. In principle, supplementing your fasting cleanse with protein powder is not absolutely necessary. Nevertheless, for ambitious athletes who do not want to give up their training sessions during fasting and want to maintain their muscle mass to the full extent, it can make sense to add Protein to our frank. Juices and frank. Soups.
The mix of Peas, rice, hemp seeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds gives our frank. Protein a a subtly nutty, finely rounded flavour. It goes perfectly with our hearty Soups but also excellently in our Juice Mister White and in all sweet dishes, such as porridge and smoothies!
Simply stir 30 g of the powder into your warmed frank. Soup or in our frank. Juice Mister White (we recommend a total of 30 g of powder for small or slim people and 2x 30 g of powder a day for fasting people with a higher weight during the cleanse).
To prepare, simply mix 30g of powder with 300ml of water or plant-based milk. The best way to dissolve the powder is to use a shaker. If you are making a smoothie, you can simply add the powder to the blender. Have you tried mixing The Essential into our Soups or in our Juice Mister White? Really good! Any kind of smoothie is of course also allowed.
Of course! Your frank. Protein can be used independently of your fasting programme to increase the protein content of your meals. Thanks to its neutral flavour, you are particularly flexible! You can stir it into your muesli or porridge in the morning, as well as into soups, stews and sauces at lunchtime and in the evening. The powder is also suitable for increasing the protein content in homemade protein bars, energy balls and the like. As an ingredient for protein-rich baked goods, such as pancakes, waffles, bread or wraps, you can also partially replace conventional flour with our frank. Protein. In this blog article here we explain when and why protein shakes can be useful.